May 2018. Free house!  Attorney Robert Guillory negotiates a dismissal of the foreclosure complaint and an agreement to discharge the note and mortgage resulting in his client being no longer liable on the mortgage. 

May 2018.  Attorney Christopher Guillory wins again. Chris Guillory conducted his third criminal jury trial and has yet to lose. His client was charged with felony domestic violence as well as a misdemeanor. The jury came back not guilty on the felony and were hung on the misdemeanor. 

December 4, 2015.Motion to modify divorce judgment granted. After a contested hearing the Court granted attorney Robert Guillory's client's Motion to Modify the divorce judgment to give him sole rights to make medical decisions for his children. This change is critical to allow the client to get the medical services necessary for his children after months of the other parent obstructing services. 

November 11, 2015.Another cash for keys settlement.Attorney Guillory sucessfully negotiated a settlement of a foreclosure case which involved the bank paying the homeowner $7500 in return for a foreclosure judgment. 

January 4, 2015. Hamp program for mortgage assistance to end December 31, 2016. it has been announced that the HAMP program which was to offer assistance to distressed homeowners will expire at the end of this year. For a good article on HAMP and why it really did not work please go to

September 18, 2015.Attorney Robert Guillory obtains dismissal of foreclosure action. As a condition of the dismissal the bank is ordered to pay over $7500 to borrower as reimbursement for attorney fees. This was the second time we were able to get a foreclosure dismissed for this client. 

June 6, 2015. Cash for keys settlement negotiated. Attorney Guillory sucessfully negotiated a cash for keys settlement for his client who had vacated the home and was living out of state. The bank agreed to pay $6000 to the homeowner in return for a foreclosure judgment. 

​April 10, 2015. Attorney Robert Guillory obtains voluntary dismissal of foreclosure action.As a condition of granting the dismissal the bank is ordered to pay over $8700 to borrower as reimbursement for attorney fees and must waive interest and costs incurred during foreclosure proceedings. 

February 25, 2015. Attorney Robert Guillory obtains judgment for client vs Maine DHHS. After a hotly contested trial Attorney Guillory's client emerges victorious and obtains a dismissal of the DHHS case and secures a judgment in his favor granting him custody of his 6 month old daughter who he was able to take home with him for the first time. 

January 26, 2015. Just received a settlement check for a successful defense of a foreclosure case. In return for agreeing to a judgment which provided that there would be no collection on any deficiency my client received a payment of $6000.00 for "moving expenses".

October 24, 2014.Attorney Christopher Guillory is recognized by the Katahdin Counsel Recognition Program. Chris Guillory, Esq. was recognized in a ceremony held at the York County Superior Court for his contributions to indigent clients by providing pro bono legal services. The Katahdin Counsel Program honored 135 lawyers throughout the State of Maine who collectively contributed more than 15,000 hours of volunteer legal services. This represents, conservatively, more than $2 million worth of free legal services. 

June 27, 2014. Bob Guillory completes training in transformative mediation technique. Attorney Bob Guillory completed a one day course in transformative mediation at the Opportunity Alliance in South Portland, Maine. This model of mediation seems especially suited to resolving conflicts btween family members and really focuses on the parties reaching solutions that they devise. Attorney Guillory is anxious to start implementing this type of mediation. 

November 1, 2013.Bank's Motion to Reconsider Denied, Ordered to reimburse client over $7000.00 in attorney fees.In the case that we won noted on July 11, 2013 above the Bank's Motion to Reconsider was denied. The Court affirmed the Judgment for the Defendant and ordered the bank to pay to Defendant $7,069 in attorney fees. No appeal was filed. This could ultimately result in what we call a "free house case".

October 28, 2013.Chris Guillory, Esq. is admitted to practice law in the State of Maine.Chris was admitted at a swearing in ceremony in York County Superior Court in Alfred, Maine. Chris joined 9 other newly admitted lawyers who took the oath and signed the same book signed by newly admitted attorneys and future Presidents of the United States, John Adams and John Quincy Adams. 

October 5, 2013.Chris Guillory passes Maine Bar Exam.Chris Guillory has now passed the Maine Bar exam and will be admitted to practice in Maine on October 28, 2013. Chris will be joining the firm and will be practicing in several areas of law. Chris is also admitted to practice in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

July 11, 2013. Another win in court against the bank! We just received a judgment for a case tried a few weeks ago. The court gave judgment for the defendant in this foreclosure case, meaning we win and the bank will have to start all over if they still want to foreclose. Expecting them to appeal. 

July 8, 2013.Court order awarding attorney fees.Obtained a court order today ordering the bank to pay the sum of $2074.00 as partial reimbursement of attorney fees incurred in opposing a foreclosure in which our client prevailed. 

June 18, 2013.Guillory Law Office sponsors a hole at the Bobby B. charity golf tournament.A great time was had and money was raised to go to research for a cure of  ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease. Attorney Guillory's friend Bob Brochu was taken by the disease earlier this year. Attorney Guillory acted as master of ceremonies at the dinner where items were auctioned and the crowd was entertained. A great day to raise money for a great cause and to pay tribute to a man who was loved by many! 

April 30, 2013. More settlements achieved! We recently settled two foreclosure cases by reaching what is called a "cash for keys" Agreement. In both cases our client hadn't made a mortgage payment for over a year but because we found problems with the Plaintiff's case they were convinced to reach a settlement. Both clients reached a point where they wanted to vacate their homes and so wanted to settle. In one case the bank paid our client $4500 and in the other our client will receive $11,000! If you want to reach a settlement of your foreclosure case give us a call or send an email. 

April 9, 2013.Plaintiff's Motion to Reconsider Summary Judgment for Defendant Denied!In the case mentioned above the Plaintiff filed a motion to reconsider and sought to introduce new evidence to convince the Court to let this case proceed to trial. The Court agreed with our arguments that the Plaintiff failed to demonstrate that this evidence could not have been presented earlier, and that even with the new evidence the result would stay the same. We will now again await a decision on attorney fees.